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About us

Zhejiang Jiashan Dechang Powdered Materiai Co.,Ltd. covering a property of 20,000square meters, with 15000square meters as its construction area, we are an enterprise who manufacturers powdered material of all grades.We focus a lot on technology, and committed to the quality of products, are well-disciplined, and with scientific management system, advanced testing method, to make sure the quality of our products. With a ISO9001:2000 quality management system certificate, our products are well sold in both domestic and international market.

Located in the prosperous Hangjiahu Plain, 80km from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport on the east, 110km form Hangzhou on the west, and 90km from Shuzhou on the North,with Huhangyong Expressway, Huhang Railway, and No.320 State Highway through the city, we enjoy a very convenient transportation both in land and water.

We look forward to business cooperating relationship to further advance our mutual benefits.


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